September 9th, 2013


Lancaster LVII and Montgomery County

This weekend's geocaching area selection was essentially the same as last weekend's, but I can go to Lancaster and Montgomery again and again, as long as they keep placing new geocaches. Also, there were a number of older caches that I couldn't attempt or couldn't find on previous trips that I reattempted this weekend.

Saturday was a trip to Lancaster but this time, I was on the northeast side, so I went to Leola, Brownstown, Clay, and Ephrata. I finally found "The Silver Surfer"! I suspect the position of this cache has changed. I couldn't see it on my previous attempt but this time, it was rather obvious. I still had to climb that tree, although it wasn't as difficult or dangerous as I thought. "Clue Me In: Gamepiece #13" was another one I had trouble with previously but here, experience helped because I knew where to look right away this time. "Who Am I?" and "Bison Stampede #7" were another two caches where either the cache had been moved a bit to make it easier to see or I was luckier this round. At the former, it did also appear that some weeds that would've blocked my search had died and dried up. In any case, I was glad to be done with all those.

On Sunday, I returned to Montgomery County around Upper Gwynedd, Lansdale, Hatfield, Telford, and Souderton. This is one crazy area where they put out new geocaches and series of geocaches so frequently that I have no idea where there is room for any more. (They probably think the same about Delaware or at least I've noticed some of them making caching trips down here.) This time, my goal was to get started on the 50 States cache series, although I didn't actually get around to those until close to the end of the day because I figured I'd do some of the hiking caches when there is daylight. Sometimes, I forget that there is a lot to know about specific cache hiding methods and styles. I ran into a bunch of new geocachers who had trouble with two caches, "Bison in a Pine for Lansdale" and "Meet The Trolls", both of which I found in a snap. I didn't want to spoil their search but I gave them hints on where to look, at least.

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