October 2nd, 2013

morton blvd

LVGC Breakfast, FSC, 500 Days

On Saturday, I went to the "LVGC Breakfast in the Lehigh Valley 2013, 3rd Qtr" geocaching event at Borderline Restaurant in Bethlehem. I had eggs benedict. Since the group was going geocaching down in Bucks County, which is halfway back to home, I decided to remain in Lehigh Valley and go geocaching around there. My original plan was to hike the D&L trail but I wasn't feeling up to it. So I drove around the area and did a batch of suburban geocaches, mostly in Forks and Easton. There was a bit of a bike path in that area too but it was suburban, between housing developments, instead of out in the country.

Sunday was reserved for finishing off the First State Challenge geocaches, so I headed south to Sussex County. Most of the FSC geocaches, although lengthy, are pretty good. The most interesting one was "FSC-2013 Woodland" because one stage of that cache is across the Nanticoke River, so I took the Woodland Ferry twice. It's a fun, short ride and to my surprise, there's no charge for the ferry. By the end of the day, I qualified for the FSC certificate because I only needed 9 caches from each county. I was still missing "FSC-2013 Newark (Iron Hill)" but I got it the next evening, just for the sake of completeness.

I took the day off on Tuesday to head out to Toms River for "500 Days of Geocaching Dinner Event". Since it was on a weekday, I ordinarily would've passed on it but I was invited by TeeDeeKay and who am I to turn it down? This trip was, of course, also a good excuse to go geocaching in Mount Laurel, Medford, and the Route 70 corridor, along the way. I left most of the Toms River geocaches for after the event, figuring I'd hang around and go home late as usual. In the evening, I arrived at Wolfie's Restaurant for the event. Even though there weren't that many "will attend" logs, I was surprised to see the back area of the restaurant packed. I had the Wolfie's Special. There was also a special cake (front, back) for the event and I got a slice of it. I didn't even realize that was a cake at first, so it's amazing what they can do with food coloring and marshmallow pieces. After dinner, we went out to do some geocaches in the area. I was glad to have Logic's help for "Batter Up! (A Snow-Proof Cache)". This cache was very high up on a lightpole and he had just the right tool to retrieve it.

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