November 25th, 2013

me tira daqui

3 trips to Burlington County and the glass in the foot

Last Tuesday, I'd planned on going to a geocaching event in Toms River. That plan fell through when I stepped on a piece of glass in Mount Laurel. It was the bottom of a wine glass, the round part with a portion of the stem sticking out. It was by the side of a parking lot, just off the asphalt and hidden under pine straw. I felt something digging into the sole of my foot, so I went back to the car (which thankfully was just a few steps away) to check. I saw the glass stuck in the bottom of my shoe. It actually didn't hurt at all. My foot was numb (later, I found out that it was because the glass cut a nerve) but blood was dripping out. After applying pressure to slow the bleeding, I drove over to an urgent care clinic in Cinnaminson. Thank goodness these MedExpress clinics have been popping up all over the place recently. I have to say they were quite efficient. The nurse and doctor attended to my foot as soon as I got there. I got stitches and x-rays. (to make sure no foreign body remained inside) Needless to say, I decided to go home after that to rest instead of continuing onwards to Toms River.

On Saturday, I returned to the same Mount Laurel / Cherry Hill / Moorestown area to continue what I was doing on Tuesday. By that time, my foot had gotten significantly better and I could walk, as long as the terrain was not too uneven or steep. I picked mostly geocaches with low terrain ratings and trivial walking distances. There was only one that I went to but did not attempt because I didn't think it would be wise to crawl under a bush. (at least not until I was better) I did do some geocaches with terrains rated 2.5 and 3 but those were obviously misrated. While in the area, I met up with DRTrack and cosmogirl, who told me they were actually visiting the Route 73 strip mall row for shopping, but with some geocaches on the side. I also ran into wvulug, who was there more for geocaching. (or at least he didn't mention shopping :) )

Sunday was a cold day with temperatures below freezing most of the day. I did the same thing, picking out the low-terrain caches, a bit further north in Riverton, Willingboro, and Burlington. I took a bit of a chance on "Suburban campout" and "Creekbed Copse" because those were in an area that was pretty wild. Even so, there wasn't anything I couldn't handle as long as I was careful. I also finished off the "Levittown Legacy" cache series again, since a few new ones had been published since my last visit to Willingboro. Only #2 in that series was an old one that I couldn't find previously but is much easier, now that coordinates have been corrected.

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