January 14th, 2014


Lancaster LIX and LX

After not having been to Lancaster for about two months, I decided there were enough new geocaches for two days of geocaching. Also, by this time in the winter, the brush had thinned out enough to make it possible to find difficult caches like "Counting Cars on 30", which was hanging in a deciduous bush. Series of caches I did this weekend were "HACC", which used the walking paths of a community college campus in Lancaster, and "Well Trained Monkey", which included some puzzles but were mostly quick caches in the Ephrata area.

My rainy Saturday morning started with a visit to Brandywine Springs Park in Wilmington for the "10th Anniversary of EarthCaching Flash Mob" geocaching event. We had cupcakes and then took a short hike out to visit the "Rocks of Delaware Piedmont" earthcache. Since earthcaches are logged by answering questions about the geology of the area, it was interesting to do one as a group and compare answers. It was funny that there was no consensus at all. One's estimate of the composition of the rock depended on which angle one looked at it from and it was further complicated when someone noticed that part of it had been scraped off. The cave dimensions also depended on how one measured it since it's an irregular shape with an elongated space inside. Still, it was fun to do that in a group.

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