January 20th, 2014

morton blvd

Baltimore Wizard Trail

This weekend, I started tackling the Wizard Trail (WT) geocache series near Baltimore. It's a set of 100 puzzle caches. Most of the puzzles were ciphers but I noticed that those ciphers were picked from a small collection of ciphers with decoders available on the web, so solving those puzzles was a matter of trial and error with some guesswork. In one day, I solved 88 of the 100 puzzles and it took another evening to work out a bunch more of those. Also, I didn't check until later, but the series did form some geo-art, part of which was the word "WIZARD" in one of the branches of the Chesapeake Bay. Pretty neat stuff.

Saturday was a bigger day than Sunday because I hadn't been to the Dundalk / North Point / Edgemere area in a while, so there were other caches to do besides the series. Over the weekend, I did 59 of the 100 caches in the series, so it'll take more trips to get the remaining ones. I don't think I'll finish the series though. Some have been confirmed missing or needing repairs though. Also, I noticed that coordinates for a number of those were significantly off. Since I'm not from the area, I'll just pick and choose the ones that are easily doable and skip the ones that are troublesome. Also, some of the caches in this series are in parts of Baltimore that are not so good. Nevertheless, I thought I had a reasonably good visit to the Baltimore suburbs and may return the next weekend for more.

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