July 14th, 2014

morton blvd

LVGC Breakfast, Lehigh Valley, Quakertown

First thing Saturday morning, I headed up to Borderline Restaurant in Allentown to attend "LVGC Breakfast in the Valley 2014, 2nd Qtr". I missed the 1st Qtr, 2014, of this event, probably because I didn't want to venture out to Lehigh Valley while it was still snowbound back in March. As usual, after the event, I went geocaching around Bethlehem and Allentown. The area was chock-full of geocaches! My theory on this was Lehigh Valley was snowbound almost all winter and when spring arrived, everyone rushed out to place geocaches. However, after finding many of the new geocaches, I had another theory: geocachers in the area had obtained a truckload of surplus preform tubes (plastic tubes that are heated up and blown to form soda bottles) from a bottle manufacturer. Indeed, that's what most of the 50 geocaches I found on Saturday were.

Cache series I found on Saturday were "Constitution drive" and "WPP". These were along the driveway to and on a trail in Walking Purchase Park, just across the river from the breakfast event. After that, I got some of the "urban" series, which is scattered all over Allentown. There are more than enough geocaches remaining for a second and even a third trip to Lehigh Valley.

On Sunday, I started geocaching in and around Quakertown. The last few times I was in this area, I got there in the evening, so there were some daytime-only geocaches that I wasn't able to visit. I got those on Sunday. After that, I went to Richland, Coopersburg, and Central Valley, almost to Allentown again. I also visited the campuses of DeSales and Penn State Lehigh Valley. It's interesting that these schools now have geocaching clubs and workshops.

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