September 15th, 2014


LVGC Breakfast, Lancaster LXIV

Saturday morning was the LVGC Breakfast geocaching event at Borderline in Bethlehem. This was a pretty last-minute plan since I didn't notice the event in the list until just two days prior. It was a rainy day, so I opted not to hike one of the Lehigh Valley rail trails afterwards. There were still many geocaches around Bethlehem, Hellertown, and Springtown that were one-offs and not too far from parking, so I could hurry back if the rain picked up. The only disappointment in this area is some geocaches were never maintained, even after getting ruined over the winter. I replaced one of the caches since it had been confirmed missing by others and I knew the hiding style.

Sunday was another trip to Lancaster, this time covering the areas north of US-30 in Manheim, Lititz, and Warwick. Mostly, those were geocaches placed for previous monthly events (which I did not attend because those were on weekdays) and a new World War II puzzle series. In contrast to Saturday, the weather was great for walking around and I continued seeking a set of geocaches along a rail trail in Manheim that I started months ago. Also came across a curious structure, a fort-like stone wall that surrounds a drain near a park and library that aren't actually that old. But this is Lancaster, so if a castle can be a prison (see last weekend's entry), then a fort can be a drain. :)

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