September 29th, 2014

morton blvd

FSC 2014

This weekend was the opening of the First State Challenge, the annual state-wide geocaching challenge. The rules have been tweaked a bit. This year, to qualify for the prize, one has to find 7 out of 9 caches in each region (North, Central, and South). Beyond the challenge, it's a chance to learn more about the state as each cache description contains a write-up of either the history or geography of the location. There were a few places I'd never seen before, such as Carey's Camp, a church camp meeting site in Millsboro, and the Weldin ruins. Also rather interesting was "FSC-2014 Middletown Dead Poets", which takes you to two filming locations of Dead Poet's Society, a Robin Williams movie.

I finished most of the FSC on Saturday and only needed 3 more caches from the western side of Sussex County, which I didn't have time to cover. I got those on Sunday and actually finished the remaining two I didn't need because I wanted to see those locations. Ran into many of the local geocachers along the way since everyone was going for these caches the same weekend. After finishing the challenge, I still had time so since I was already in the southeastern corner of the state, I went for more caches in Fenwick Island and Ocean City. That's one area I rarely get to since it's pretty far from home.

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