October 20th, 2014

face tree

Phoenixville, Spring City, Pottstown and more

I'm not even sure what to call this area that straddles the Chester/Montgomery county line (perhaps the Schuylkill River corridor), but I hadn't been there in a while so this weekend was a good time to return. On Saturday, I started in Exton and continued through Uwchlan, Chester Springs, Spring City, Royersford, Oaks, and nabbed one last cache in King of Prussia, just because it was on the way to dinner. This area has a fair number of puzzle caches but I also went for a longish hike in Marsh Creek State Park for the two MCSP caches. The trail system there is twisty and confusing but I figured out the main approaches by watching where other people in the park were going. "Zeder" was in a rather interesting area, a hedge maze. I think it would've been better to go for that during the summer though, because the hedge had started to winter and I could see right through the bushes.

On Sunday, I hit Phoenixville and Pottstown. In Pottstown, I took a walk on one side of the Schuylkill River and then headed into town to walk the trail on the other side of the river. Interestingly, the town side had more challenging geocaches. "Big Buffalo", for instance, was in a tree hole that was too high to reach. After thinking about the problem for a bit, I made a pile of tree branches at the base so I could step up and get it. I wonder if the tree has grown a bit since the cache was placed. There is no other hole on this tree and only the most recent logs for this cache mention climbing or having to bring a tall person. I was close to running out of caches in Pottstown, so after that, I headed farther north to New Berlinville and Barto. I'll have to explore those areas on future trips.

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