November 24th, 2014

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Lower Gwynedd and Buena

On Saturday, I went to Gwynedd, Telford, Souderton and Montgomeryville because once again, the Cache Factory area had new geocaches! Mostly though, I wanted to hit that area before a snowstorm came and made the area difficult for geocaching until Spring. The first six caches were at Gwynedd Nature Preserve. It's a nice preserve, with wide trails, that apparently was only recently discovered by active cache placers. I also took a hike on the Green Ribbon Trail, which runs next to the Wissahickon Creek. Then I went for 5 caches of the 50 States series. These were replacement caches since I'm sure I've already finished the entire series. And finally, I erased 3 DNFs. "Two Presidents and a Park" was in a spot I hadn't thought of checking the last time because it seemed way too close to the building. "Third Time's the Charm" was actually missing the previous time. (Maybe it should be "Fourth Time" now? :) ) And "Geo R Us" might have shifted, since I was sure I checked that spot the last time.

Sunday's goal was to hit the Bruno Melini and Blackwater Pond Parks Cache Trail (B & B Trail series) in Buena Township in South Jersey. The two parts of this cache trail couldn't be more different. The portion running through Blackwater Pond Park was quite rough, thorny in some areas, and even had a broken bridge, which thankfully one did not have to cross. (although I did that carefully anyway because it looked like the other side had a better view for the photo :) ) The other part of the trail, which runs through town, was asphalt and fairly easy. Of course, I took the opportunity to get a few more geocaches on the way to and from Buena. "A Stream Runs Through It" was a nice walk along the Salem River on the residential side of Woodstown, which I never see because usually, I just pass through the town on Route 40.

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