December 8th, 2014


Phoenixville and Florence

Saturday was a rainy day, so I didn't plan on going out too far. Since most of the caches I planned to get were in Phoenixville and Charlestown, it was a good opportunity to pick up "13 Superstitions: Unlucky #13 and Friday the 13th!" along the way. It's the final cache in the "13 Superstitions" series and it was a good one. The combination lock on this one used codes from the other 12 caches. The most interesting cache site of the day was at "The Horizontal Trail". It's pretty neat that in the middle of Nantmeal Woods, there are musical instruments.

For Sunday, I planned to head up to the "Fall Get Together 2014" geocaching event in Florence. On the way up, I scooped up geocaches in West Deptford, Willingboro, and other towns along the I-295 / US-130 corridor, including some caches that I missed on previous trips. "Just Lying There Also", for instance, was tough to see earlier in the year but now that the leaves are off, it was easy to spot. Most of the woods and bush cache hides seemed easier this time of year.

The caches...Collapse )