January 19th, 2015


Eastern Shore, Ice Storm Avoidance Tour

On Saturday, I went geocaching a bit farther down Eastern Shore Maryland than last weekend's trip. There was rain in the weather forecast for Sunday, so I figured I should take the opportunity to travel while the weather was good. This time, after picking up a few puzzle/mystery caches in Church Hill, I continued to Easton and St Michaels, both new areas for me. One of the problems around the Chesapeake Bay is there are numerous fingers of land, each up to 10 miles long and typically with multiple branches. Once you've gone geocaching down one of those fingers, that's pretty much it for the day because it takes a lot of time and driving to return to the main highway and go down another finger. So after hitting Easton, there was really only enough time for the St Michaels finger and Bozman, which was on one of the land branches. There was quite a bit to see down that way, however. First, there's the MEBA Merchant Marine Memorial, which is laid out like a giant ship with a big propeller at one end. Then, there's the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, which was closed at the time unfortunately, although I still got to see the Tilghman Island Drawbridge exhibit.

It rained almost the whole day on Sunday. Although temperatures were higher by the time I left home, I heard that roads in Pennsylvania were still messed up with numerous accidents from icy conditions early that morning. So I decided to stay closer to home and pick up a few geocaches in New Castle County and Cecil County. The most unusual one of the day was "Brace Yourself", which was a snake! Fake, of course. At 3.5 stars, the most difficult one of the day was "Veterans Community Park". I think I was lucky to find it without help because it looked like trash and it wasn't in a spot that I'd have thought to check. The only thing that worked in my favor was it was exactly what I guessed it would be after reading the cache logs.

The caches...Collapse )