April 21st, 2015

morton ave

York VIII - Southeast, York IX - South

More exploration of York County this weekend. On Saturday, after entering York County via the smaller Route 462 bridge to Wrightsville, I hit Sam Lewis State Park, Windsor, Red Lion, Yoe, and East Prospect. This part of York County looks the most like Lancaster County, with farms (but without the Amish) and views of rolling hills. Also, traffic seemed a lot lighter in this section so it was a pretty nice area.

Sunday's York County trip started with a few more geocaches from the Spring Grove Geotour. "SGGT14 - Past & Present" was the most unusual one this time because it needed jumper cables. I had a portable jump start battery so I used that instead and a motor popped out the geocache as soon as I clipped the connectors together. So it was the same idea as the previous week's motorized geocache, except with a 12V car battery instead of an AA battery. Instead of continuing the geotour, I went east to Seven Valleys. The town got its name because you can see 7 valleys from there. I wasn't sure about that but there was a bit of a view from the railroad bridge downtown. Then I continued on to Loganville. Brown's Orchard was an interesting stop here. There was a geocache at the honey house, which looked cute except for the live bees inside! For the rest of the day, I continued southwards to Shrewsbury, crossing the state line briefly to Maryland Line, before returning to Pennsylvania for dinner.

York is far west enough to have some Western Pennsylvania restaurant chains. I noticed Quaker Steak & Lube on the previous week's trip but decided to find out more about the chain first before trying it on Sunday night. It's a theme restaurant, the theme being motorsports and auto garage. So there's an old-fashioned gas pump outside and motorcycles hanging from the ceiling inside. I had dinner under a car! I thought the food was really only average (although I haven't tried the wings, supposedly their specialty), but the fun theme is probably the main attraction.

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