May 4th, 2015

chestnut husky

Binky Lee, Abandoned Rails, Lawrenceville Jubilee

Since I had a mascot gig the next day, I decided not to venture out too far on Saturday. There were some single-park clusters of geocaches in Chester Springs and Phoenixville, which were good since I could park the rental car in one place and do a loop hike. The Binky Lee Preserve had the first set of caches. (BL series) It's a nice area with mostly grassy paths. Not all of the 14 geocaches there were easy, although with some effort, I found them all, plus a short centipede. Getting to the next set of caches proved a bit tricky because a street fair closed off half of Phoenixville and there was a closed bridge on the alternate route that I thought of taking. Eventually, I did get around to the other side of the Schuylkill River to Mont Clare for the "Abandoned Rails" cache series.

Sunday was the Hi-4 mascot gig at Lawrenceville Jubilee. This is the town that treats us well when we do the gig. We used their Main Street office as a break / changing room and it was stocked with drinks and donuts. This year, I did the gig with Zokki the hyena and Phil E. The latter was not part of Hi-4, but represented the Philly Pretzel Factory. Anyway, the event was a street fair that is two blocks long this year, a bit bigger than the year before. There was a fairly big crowd with some turnover so we didn't see the same people each time we headed out from the break room.

The gig ended at 5pm, so I still had a few hours of daylight. I noticed some good trails near Lawrenceville, so I took a walk along the Lawrence Hopewell Trail and the D&R Canal towpath for a dozen geocaches. It's funny that I never knew about the side entrance to the D&R Canal towpath all those years I lived in New Jersey. Better map data does help a lot.

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