May 11th, 2015

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York X: Southern York, North/Northeast Baltimore

This weekend was two days of not quite making it to Hanover, PA. Which is good because I need to make York County geocaches last a while longer so I don't keep going out farther and farther. On Saturday, I headed up through Maryland, first to Jarrettsville and then to Stewartstown, across the state line. The real treat though was Spring Valley County Park. It's a rough part of York County, full of unpaved roads, but the geocaches were good. A bit of a hike away from the parking area was a 13-year-old geocache, which is in surprisingly good condition. They don't hide those like they used to. Coordinates were rather soft, probably because those were read using a handheld GPSr from back in the day, but the cache was in a very likely spot so there wasn't an issue finding it. There was also a gnome house geocache. It's up a steep trail but worth the effort to see that.

On Sunday, I again planned to go to Hanover. However, when I took the White Marsh exit in Maryland, I saw that there were so many new geocaches since my last visit (I don't go to that area very often because of the $8 toll) that I decided to make a day of it. What's funny is geocachers here seem to love populating cemeteries with geocaches. I visited 3 cemeteries and quickly found all those caches, which were mostly short hops from cemetery roads.

I got my car back from the auto body shop on Friday, so it took only 3 days longer than the repair time estimate. It's like getting 1/3 of a new car since they had to replace quite a number of pieces in front that were damaged in the deer collision. I also noticed that they cleaned the interior and washed the floor mats, even though I didn't ask for that. So detailing must have been part of the repair package.

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