June 16th, 2015


Harrisburg, WWFM XII, York XIII, Primanti Bros York

Saturday was the day of World Wide Flash Mob XII, where there are geocaching events all around the world at the same time. (Actually, I noticed that some WWFM events were at times other than 1pm EDT, but I just picked one.) This time, I chose the flash mob event at Penbrook Park in Harrisburg, reasoning that I'd have time to get some geocaches along the way there. I was actually a bit early so I helped with the setup. Then it began. The theme for this one was "Bring Your Hat", so I had my fox hat on. After that, I went geocaching around Eastern Harrisburg, Swatara, and Penbrook. Most of those geocaches were fairly straightforward, although there were a few with a bit of a twist and some creative ones.

Sunday began with a bit of catch-and-release at Goddard Park in West Grove. The cache page had a short poem to help you figure out how it was placed, but I didn't figure out the clues until I actually saw it out in the pond. I doubt it'll last long though. The plastic container is not watertight enough and had already taken in some water. Still, it was fun. After that, I hit a bunch of geocaches around Lancaster before heading to my actual destinations in Northern York County. Newberry and Lewisberry had a fair number of urban cache hides because of the built-up area near I-83, but I took a few short walks into the woods too. There was still time after that so I nipped over into Cumberland County to get a bunch of caches in New Cumberland. This town claims to maintain a small-town atmosphere despite being close to capitol city Harrisburg. I'm not so sure about that but it's a bit less busy than the part of Harrisburg I visited the day before.

That night, I headed back south to York to try the newest Primanti Bros location. This is a Pittsburgh-based restaurant chain that makes sandwiches where coleslaw and fries are stuffed into the sandwich. I first heard of them when Anthrocon moved to Pittsburgh and ever since I tried one, I'd been waiting for this chain to expand out my way. So I tried a Colossal Fish Sandwich, and yes, it really is just like the sandwiches at their Pittsburgh locations! At around 77 miles from home, York Primanti Bros is not quite in my area but I travel out that far for geocaching anyway so I definitely can return a bunch of times per year.

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