August 10th, 2015

me tira daqui

The Crime Problem

Saturday's trip started with a cluster of geocaches in Glasgow, near the DE/MD state line. Couldn't find "S2S" at first, so we skipped that and continued to the "Happy Birthday Rick" series, a set of 4 geocaches placed for Shorttrip's birthday a week ago. Shorttrip stopped by just after we were done with the last cache in that series to ask how things were going. I told him about "S2S" and we went back to that one together to check on it. It was indeed missing, but he put in a replacement cache on the spot. So we started talking about the problems around this cache site. The cache is on a clothing donation bin at a gas station. There used to be an air pump and a vacuum on that side of the gas station lot, but thieves stole those. Thieves even stole the donation bin once, so the current donation bin is a replacement. I thought that was crazy. I never knew that side of the county had such a problem with people stealing things!

The next part of the trip was to the northeast Baltimore area, chiefly White Marsh and Parkville, with a few geocaches up near Hunt Valley towards the end of the day. Most of the geocaches were fairly common types, with the exception of "I see you, Parrgo :)" I originally thought that this colorful head in the woods was Halloween-related but the cache description implied otherwise. It's simply whimsical.

Sunday's trip was a return to the Cache Factory area, around Warminster, Abington, Horsham, Doylestown, Chalfont, and New Britain. There's one super-prolific cache owner who has placed over 1100 caches, and so other cache hiders in that area tend to follow suit, placing not just one or two, but dozens of caches each! And the latest prolific cache hider is jonnicat22, who started in May and has already placed 25 caches! So a large part of Sunday's trip was about hitting his "JALED" series of caches. The most interesting walk of the day was on a dangerous wire bridge to "Along the Pipeline". Actually, it probably wasn't as dangerous as it looked. The wire mesh bounced a bit when I walked across but it didn't seem too unsteady.

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