November 16th, 2015

fox stand

Newark, Perry Hall, Audubon, Horsham

Saturday's trip was first to Newark for some new geocaches and then to Perry Hall and Edgewood, in the northeast Baltimore area. Sunday's trip was to Audubon, the Gwynedds, Horsham, and then Abington. This is the time of year when the days are short and geocaching activity slows down. That doesn't mean there aren't any caches to find. It's a good opportunity to go back over the map and pick out the caches that I couldn't do over the summer because it was too hot and humid to hike or because the park was too busy. Indeed, Lukens Park in Horsham, which was packed every Summer weekend, was very quiet this Sunday and I was able to get in quickly and find the cache. And walking to "Hundred Aching Feet Woods" and "Get Low at Windlestrae", in Windlestrae Park, is pleasant when it is 60°F instead of 90°F.

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