March 29th, 2016

chestnut ramune

New Castle County, Quakertown

On Saturday, I remained local to round up some of the geocaches that had been placed in my area recently. First came a few caches in Bear since those were closest to breakfast. Then I got more caches in Delaware City and Newark. Most unusual place was a spot under Route 9, although I'd been there before for another cache. Where I hadn't been before was to the side of this dam on the White Clay Creek. I think that was in Coverdale Park and only accessible via a 0.1-mile walk on a towpath.

Sunday's trip was to the Quakertown area, including Pennsburg, East Greenville, Richland, California, and Perkasie afterwards, since I hadn't been there in long enough. Most interesting spot was the South Perkasie Covered Bridge, which had been relocated from the road to a park for historical preservation. Which is why it isn't over a river any more.

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