October 4th, 2016

morton blvd

FSC completion

Took another two trips to Southern Delaware to finish the First State Challenge. I actually only needed 8 geocaches to qualify, so it may have been possible to get them all in a day. But I thought it would be a better idea to take my time and get some of the other geocaches and Munzees down that way and spread it out over the weekend.

So Saturday's trip was to the western side of Sussex County: Bridgeville, Seaford, Trap Pond and Dagsboro. There were some well-crafted caches, such as this birdhouse geocache, which looks like one of the nearby church buildings. I also saw the gratitude boxcar, a gift from the French for aid during World War II. And there was the No Trespassing House, which is probably not a tour site. :)

Sunday's trip was down the east side of Sussex County to Lewes, Rehoboth Beach, Dewey Beach, and Ocean View, with stops at Cape Henlopen State Park, the Wolfe House, and the Indian River Lifesaving Station. The last cache of the FSC was at James Farm in Ocean View. While I was there, I also found "FSC-2015 James Farm" from last year's FSC. I skipped that one last year because I didn't need all the caches to qualify for challenge completion but it's good to finally complete that set too. Last stop of the day before dinner was a visit to the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk. It's the off-season but there were still some stores and restaurants open. The advantages of visiting now are parking is free and the town is a lot less crowded.

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