October 11th, 2016

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White Marsh, Pottstown Earthcache

It rained almost the whole day on Saturday but geocaches around the shopping and residential areas in White Marsh and Perry Hall were still doable without getting too messy. Not all mall parking lot geocaches are easy though. There were at least 3 for which I'll have to return with a ladder. One was about 30 feet up a lamp post and two more were high up in trees. Among the ones I did get, "It's all connected" was the most unusual cache container. It's tricky but the dead giveaway was it wasn't part of the fence on which it was hooked.

Sunday was International Earthcache Day. Rather than finding a physical cache container, you log an earthcache by visiting a site and answering some questions about the geology of that location. I knew there was an earthcache near Pottstown that I hadn't done, so I went to Ringing Rocks Park. The boulders in this area have an interesting characteristic. When struck with a hammer, some of them will produce a ringing sound like a bell. Not all the rocks rang though. I had better results near the center of the rock field and with some of the flatter slab-like boulders. The unusual cache of the day was Message in a Bottle. I thought that was pretty neat. I'd be concerned about a fragile glass container out in the woods, but the cache was located in a safe enclosed spot in a gazebo so hopefully it'll last.

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