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I got the eTrex Legend back from Garmin today. 8 days is not a bad turnaround time and it appears that most of the time was spent in shipping as I see from the service report that they started and finished the repair work the same day. Looks brand new too but it's the same GPS receiver on the inside. What they did was replace the front and rear cases, the display, the buttons and click stick, and the battery cover. Then they upgraded the software and ran a batch of tests, including subjecting it to "vibrations at the bench". That must be some bench. :)

Anyway, once I got it back, I just had to do a field-test and what better way than to... well, you know. So I went to the Anthony Wayne Recreation Area in Harriman State Park. The first stop was bigbill6's new Beechy Bottom Road geocache, which is on a woods road turned into a bike trail. The distance from the parking lot is deceptively short when in fact the trail first goes the wrong direction before intersecting with the Appalachian Trail. Anyway, the GPS receiver seems to be working just fine as I got good readings in the cache area.

Then my next stop was jonboy's Cat's Elbow geocache. Now many of jonboy's caches are strenuous hikes and this one is no exception as it is up a steep trail to the top of a mountain, in this case the West Mountain region. The payoff is once you get to the Cat's Elbow, you get a pretty good view. Also found some bones of whatever this used to be.
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