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Harriman State Park again. I should just move there. :) This time I started at the Visitor Center (Pine Meadow Parking Area) and headed for Ripple. It's about a 1.5-mile walk one way. The trail is pretty flat and follows Stony Brook all the way. So since there isn't any hill-climbing, it is an easy walk despite the length.

Taken from fridayfiver:

1. What is your town/state known for?
Town: umm, I'm not sure it is known for anything.
State: Diners, the Turnpike, tomatoes, cranberries, jughandles, the Jersey Shore, Atlantic City, the Jersey Devil, pine barrens, and obsessive/compulsive people who do too much Where's George and geocaching.

2. Everybody worries about something. What do you worry about?
Growing national and consumer debt, currency devaluation, inflation, state and municipal bankruptcies, energy prices, securities fraud, the rise of terrorism... wait, was I supposed to name just one?

3. Who are you?
I'd like to know too.

4. What do you want to achieve in life?
Eventually, I want to achieve some sleep. Hopefully tonight!

5. What would you tell the leaders of all the countries on earth to do to promote world peace?
I think we'll just have to move to separate planets now.

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