Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Harriman Rainy Day Extravaganza

Harriman State Park on the weekdays... and now the weekends too. Actually, there was rain in the forecast but I figured I could get the six caches on the Africa Loop before the heavy rain started. Well, I did and then it rained. But I pressed on anyway and got 3 more caches after that. The cumulative distance on foot is over 10 miles and my socks are toxic waste.

The first six caches are on the Africa Loop. I saved the track log to see what it would look like and it's actually more like South America.

Africa Loop Series 1: The Nile (New York)
On Tom Jones Mountain, where it's not unusual to be loved by anyone.

Africa Loop Series 2: Sahara (New York)
On the other side of Tom Jones Mountain.

Africa Loop Series 3: Congo (New York)
Bottom of Parker Cabin Mountain.

Africa Loop Series 4: Zulu (New York)
Yellow Triangle Trail near powerlines.

Africa Loop Series 5: Serengeti (New York)
On the shore of Lake Skenonto.

Africa Loop Series 6: Timbuktu (New York)
Unmarked trail. Service road?

Christmas Cache 2002 (New York)
Stahahe Peak. Good view of Lake Stahahe from up there.

Track Log for Christmas Cache 2002

Hogencamp Mine Cache (New York)
Hogencamp Mine Complex off the Dunning Trail. Have to be careful not to fall into the mine hole.

Shelters of Harriman: Bald Rocks (New York)
Near the Bald Rocks Shelter. Bald Rocks is a mountain peak with large flat areas of bare rock.

Track log for Hogencamp and Bald Rocks

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