Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Shen Ku

The traveling cache Shen Ku popped up not far away so I headed out to get it. The coordinates turned out to be in the Ramapo Mountain State Forest in Wanaque/Haskell. Of course since it is a traveling cache, it is a bit of a gamble going for it since another geocacher may have beaten me to it and taken it. Good thing it was still there when I got there this evening.

I started my trek at the same little park in Haskell where DPM: The World's Easiest Puzzle Cache is located. Then I used the stone bridge to cross the Wanaque River. From there on, it was somewhat of an uphill hike up the Indian Rock Trail, the one with the amateur trail markers. The trail ended at a pipeline cut. Followed that pipeline cut to within 0.12 of a mile from the cache and then bushwhacked uphill.

Then I arrived at the location, where there was a group of boulders. Found the cache wedged under a rock between two boulders here. (Ordinarily, I wouldn't give away spoilers to the hiding spot but since I'm moving the cache, that isn't a problem now. Also, the sticks arranged in an "X" in the last picture is a marker I left to let everyone else know that the traveling cache has been moved. It wasn't there when I was searching.) And finally, this is my track log.

After that, I was tired and sweaty because of the mountainous hike in the hot weather. So I had dinner in the Falls View Grill in Haskell that I saw while driving to the park. It's one of the many Texas Wiener places in North Jersey. (The deep fried chili dog is one of the local specialties.) I had the Chicken Philly (Philly cheesesteak but with chicken instead of steak) and the fries with gravy. (Fries with gravy is a mid-Atlantic diner thing.) It wasn't half bad. And as a plus, they had Stewart's root beer at the self-serve soda dispenser. (Just got a Where's George hit from the Falls View. Cool!)

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