Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Another round of Connecticut

Another day in Connecticut. Pretty much the same area but this time I went up US-202 towards Litchfield because there are some interesting caches in that direction. Sunny day although it got cloudy and windy towards the late afternoon. I'll have to remember that the New Milford Arby's closes at 9pm on Sunday because I was a bit too late for that one. Still not too late for the Danbury Arby's though.

They're a bunch of jokers over at the Danbury Arby's. One of them said "I'm tired." Then the other said "Hi, Tired! I'm Tony." Hmm... think that would make a good comic strip gag? :) And then there was that whole thing about how someone asked for cold fries (instead of curly fries) at the drive-thru so they were wondering aloud if they should put ice on the fries.

tjos weel (Connecticut)
West Mountain Refuge in Ridgefield. It's odd that so many residential roads in the adjacent part of Westchester that I drove through to get here are dirt roads. Don't know what's up with that.

Micro Micro in the cedars (Connecticut)
Long Johns Bear Mtn Micro 1 (Connecticut)
Camo Cache (Connecticut)
These three are in the Bear Mountain Reservation in Danbury. And all are microcaches, with the first one being the smallest of them all. The last cache is by the shore of Candlewood Lake so that made for a nice ending.

Turtle Box (Connecticut)
Hatters Community Park in Danbury.

Wildside #1 (Connecticut)
Williams Park in Brookfield.

DROP ZONE (Connecticut)
Lovers Leap State Park in New Milford. There are a few ruins in this area.

Hug A Stream (Connecticut)
Baldwin Park in New Milford.

Bee Brook Quartz Cache (Connecticut)
Steep Rock Association - Bee Brook Area in Washington Depot. Nice flat walk along the river followed by a trip to the quartz mine, where there is a large exposed vein of quartz.

Hootie and the Go Fish (Connecticut)
Mount Tom State Park in Washington. Nowhere near Mount Tom though. Instead, it's a walk on the dirt road at the edge of state land.

Come Back Next Spring Cache (Connecticut)
Daffodil farm in Litchfield. No daffodils to be seen at this time though.


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