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John's Shanghai

Mailed the check from T. Rowe Price to my Mom today. Since I'm sending a letter, I figured I might as well throw in some photos too. So yesterday evening, I picked eight recent digital photos from my collection and took those to CVS to use their Kodak Picturemaker to make prints. Picked up the prints today and I must say that for some reason, the prints look a lot better than the images do when I view them on my PC. I thought the prints would look horrible because I don't usually set my camera to a very high resolution but this time, I'm glad to be proven wrong.

At the post office, I saw that the book from the book swap I did with another Bookcrossing member was waiting for me in the P.O. Box. So I picked it up and it's an unauthorized bio of the Hansons. Heh, rather unusual selection but not my thing. I'll leave it in a geocache later.

Anyway... the main event of the day: Our entire group at work went for dinner at John's Shanghai in Edgewater. There's way too much traffic getting there at rush hour because it's near the George Washington Bridge, although I don't think it's quite as bad today. I used Fort Lee Road through Leonia to bypass any bridge delays but it may not have been necessary. John's Shanghai is supposed to be more authentic Chinese cuisine than your average Chinese takeout but I was informed that all the dishes, other than the fish/soup, are Westernized to some extent. Nevertheless, free food is always good and I got to take home the fried noodles because it was the last entree and hardly anyone seemed to be able to eat that after so many courses.

John's Shanghai sign
John's Shanghai sign. Is that the cartoon representation of the peking duck we'll be eating?


Green Dumplings
Green dumplings

Beef, duck and jellyfish
A bizarre combination of beef, duck and jellyfish.

Scallion pancakes
Scallion pancakes.

Some kind of seafood soup.

Young chicken
Spring chicken. About six months old, I was told.

Duck being prepared
The peking duck being prepared.

Duck spring rolls
The result of that preparation: Peking duck in spring roll wrappers.

Fried shrimp
Fried shrimp with dipping sauce.

The most tender pork I've ever had.

Beef with pine nuts
Beef with pine nuts.

Home-style tofu
Home-style tofu.

Stringy potatoes
Stringy potatoes with peppers. Pretty unusual. These resemble noodles rather than potatoes.

Hard liquor
This wine is 53% alcohol!!! Can anyone actually drive home after drinking that? :)

Fish in a fish-shaped bowl on top of a stove.

Fish soup
That same fish after bits of it were scooped up and served in soup. This is pretty good, actually.

Woosh! The gas flame from the stove.

Mushrooms with Chinese vegetables.

Buddhist Delight
Buddhist Delight.

Fried noodles
Fried noodles.

Coconut rice balls
Dessert: Coconut rice balls.

Dessert: Watermelon slices.

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