Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Southwest Connecticut

Haven't been down this way since the I-95 bridge collapsed a few months ago. Looks okay today, apart from the usual construction that has been there for as long as I can remember. One good thing about not being in this area for a while is there are lots of unfound caches so I could pick and choose the ones that I could access quickly off the highway. Hence the two Park-n-ride caches!

I also threw in a few longer walks in the Orange/Woodbridge/Ansonia area just for the heck of it. Also, with these 10 finds, I've passed the milestone of 200 finds in Connecticut. I'll tackle the Pennsylvania 300 milestone tomorrow.

"When I went to school......." (Connecticut)
Little Red Schoolhouse in New Canaan. Interesting historic building. Looks like everyone had to use outhouses back then. There are two of those behind the building. Wonder which is the Boys outhouse and which is the Girls.

Ned's Spread in Brett Woods (Connecticut)
Brett Woods in Fairfield.

Cache a Ride On the Merrit (Connecticut)
Park-n-ride in Fairfield.

Urban Virus (Connecticut)
Another Park-n-ride in Fairfield!

Corporate America Cache, Redux (Connecticut)
Lake Mohegan in Fairfield. For Connecticut, I've been to this park many, many times.

First Timer (Connecticut)
Springer's Glen in Fairfield.

Bits, Nibbles and Bytes (Connecticut)
Racebrook Tract in Orange. Apparently, this land is owned and operated by the water supply authority but open to the public for hiking.

Wepawaug Falls Revisited (Connecticut)
Alice Newton Street Memorial Park in Woodbridge. I parked at the other end of the park to cut the walking distance.

Nature and the Last Settlement (Connecticut)
Ansonia Nature Center in Ansonia. The trail actually extends out into Connecticut State Lands.

The NEW New Haven Green Cache (Connecticut)
New Haven Green in New Haven. The Arts and Ideas Fest was taking place on the green this evening but that didn't affect the cache hunt at all. (probably because everyone was on the other side of the building!)


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