Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Lehigh Valley

As planned, I went over to the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania to get to the 300th find in PA milestone. Only needed 5 caches to do that but got 14! So it was a rather productive day. And the weather, while sunny, wasn't hot so it seemed that all the local cachers were out caching and I ran into 4 other geocaching teams at cache sites. That's pretty cool as I haven't seen some of them since last year's Lehigh Valley Picnic. And besides, many eyes make the searching easier.

After that, I went to Picasso Pizza in Bethlehem but neither Pino nor Biagio (of Where's George fame) were there. That's okay. The pizza's good and I brought a garlic roll home for a midnight snack.

One interesting thing I noticed is gas prices around Coopersburg and parts of Bethlehem were lower than gas prices in New Jersey! For as long as I've known, gas prices were about the same or higher in that area so when did that change? Anyway, I took advantage of that and filled up before going home. Also bought some Powerball tickets since that's something I don't get back home.

Harley's Hike (Pennsylvania)
Rail-trail in Belfast.

Supercalicacheilisticexpialidocious (Pennsylvania)
Residential area in Bethlehem.

Bethlehem Beaver Lodge (Pennsylvania)
Monocacy Way Pathway in Bethlehem.

Strange Art (Pennsylvania)
Philip and Muriel Berman Sculpture Park in Allentown. This would have been a difficult search but I used the mirror on my compass to help and that worked very well.

Throttle Steering: Driver's Ed Series (Pennsylvania)
Center Valley Parkway in Bethlehem. The road isn't in Streets and Trips so it must be quite new. The four caches in the Driver's Ed series are supposed to explain one driving technique each.

Threshold Braking: Driver's Ed Series (Pennsylvania)

Late Apex: Driver's Ed Series (Pennsylvania)

Fixation: Driver's Ed Series (Pennsylvania)
East Greenville. Don't drive into that rock!

Transit of Venus 2004 (Pennsylvania)
Lenape Park in Old Zionsville. Met The Good Life Team, The Cache On! Team and CachArt at this location. There were so many cachers there that it was almost a geocaching event.

Carpool Cache (Pennsylvania)
Park-n-ride in Milford Square. Pretty hard place to search but fortunately, I had some help from Yiprip, who arrived shortly after I got there.

UH OH--Another Micro (Pennsylvania)
Quakertown Memorial Park in Quakertown. A devious micro that I figured out right away.

Quakertown History (Pennsylvania)
Quakertown. Two virtual stages to collect information from historical sites and then an easy regular cache.

back in the boonies (Pennsylvania)
Skymount Lake in Green Lane. Muddiest cache of the day. Grassy path most of the way except the beginning and the end, which are wet areas.

Finally A Cache In Coopersburg (Pennsylvania)
Southern Lehigh Living Memorial Park in Coopersburg.


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