Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Landau and dollar bill turf wars

Went for a new cache today. It's Landau Park (Clarkstown) in New City. It was raining heavily but I figured I could still do that since it sounded easy, being in an urban-type pocket park. Indeed it was, even if I got soaked. Anyway, the track log is amusing as it shows all the loops I made looking for a parking space in that crowded strip mall across from the park.

The topic of came up in the Where's George forums. Where Have I Been is a dollar bill tracking website, like Where's George, only with far fewer bills and users. What's a bit disturbing is it seems that every time someone brings up the other website on the WG forums, the mob rushes in to bash it, saying that it sucks, that they should go away because WG is the only one, that Georgers should write the WG info on any WHIB bills that they find, that Georgers should go flood the WHIB message boards, and so on. Of course, some of that may have been suggested in jest but I don't think it's right to go attacking other websites that do the same thing. There are plenty of dollar bills in circulation, and certainly more than enough bills for two or three or a dozen dollar tracking websites. Why not live and let live? Personally, I'm a member at both websites. Although I've only entered one bill so far at WHIB, I can see it serving as a backup in case anything should happen to WG.
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