Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

The rain falls on the dead clams at midnight

These are trying times. It's time to take a break from Livejournal. Go out and do something. Maybe by the time you get back, they'll have it all fixed up. Just try not to get back too quickly. :)

Apparently going anywhere on a rainy day can also be pretty trying. I went out to River Edge and Hackensack this evening to get some shopping done. There were two accidents, both on the Garden State Parkway, so traffic got really bad. I saw another accident on my way home but not on my side of the highway, fortunately. Anyway, I had to buy a pair of shorts because, as I discovered, I only had one pair in my otherwise extensive (ha!) wardrobe. Tried several sizes in the fitting room and found that I can now wear a size 42, where previously I'd have to get a size 44. That's good news because size 44 is the size at which the higher plus-size pricing kicks in. So it's a savings of $2.
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