Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Long Island Crazy Cache Dash

Started in Queens and by the time I ended up in Manorville, I had found 20 caches! I think what really helped was I hadn't been to Long Island in 3 weeks so the new caches have been piling up here and there. And they were also conveniently in clumps so I could get several in each town without a lot of driving in between. There were at least 5 new caches in Huntington and 3 or 4 in Sayville. Anyway, it was fun but after the first half dozen or so, it became a blur.

The weather was rather cooperative even though it didn't seem that way at first. There was a bit of rain, then the sun came out and from then on, it was a breezy day.

Didn't meet any other cachers, which is a surprise because you'd think with 20 locations, surely I'd run into someone. I was first to find the Bob Ross cache, the one hidden at the happy trees. :) I guess no one else wanted to do the 3-mile round trip walk today.

There was a traffic delay on the Southern State Parkway on my way home because of an accident near exit 20. While waiting in the delay, I worked out a storyline in my head for this year's NaNoWriMo. Looking forward to pounding out the 50,000 words!
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