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Verona Park and pictures from the weekend

Apparently 31 caches over the weekend wasn't enough because I went and got another one this evening. :) It's the Verona Park Cache in Verona Park in Verona, NJ. It's a nice place with a lake and squirrels. The cache owner assured me that he didn't do this although you have to wonder who would spray-paint "GPS" on a tree. Weird. Maybe there's a G.P.S gang roaming around Essex County after school and wearing their eTrex-yellow gang colors. Or it could be someone named George P. Scott. :)


Flower at Little Plains

A flower next to the trail at Little Plains Park in Huntington, NY.

Happy tree in Caumsett

Tree in the middle of a field in Caumsett Historic State Park in Lloyd Harbor, NY. One of the happy trees.

Mansion in Caumsett

Old mansion in Caumsett Historic State Park.


Fishing access area on the Nissequogue River in Smithtown, NY.

West Brook Pond

West Brook Pond in East Islip, NY.

LI Maritime Museum

Long Island Maritime Museum grounds in West Sayville, NY.

Nurse Evans memorial

Nurse Evans memorial in Sayville, NY.

Sunset from Pine Meadow

Sunset, as seen from Pine Meadow County Park in Eastport, NY.


Abandoned bridge in Lumberton

Abandoned bridge in Lumberton, NJ.

Spider in Wenonah Woods

Spider on the ivy in Wenonah Woods. Wenonah, NJ.

Teahouse in Wenonah Woods

A mysterious Japanese teahouse in the middle of the woods in Wenonah Woods.

9/11 Memorial - Steel Beam

9/11 Memorial in Chestnut Branch Park in Sewell, NJ. A steel beam from the World Trade Center.

9/11 Memorial - Bell

9/11 Memorial in Chestnut Branch Park in Sewell, NJ. A bell.

Almonesson Witch Project

The Almonesson Witch Project! Taken in Almonesson Creek Park in Woodbury, NJ. The picture is an accident because I didn't expect the camera to focus on the branches in front. Didn't delete it because I thought I could still use it somehow.


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