Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Doing Bizarre Stuff to Get Written About

Ever wonder if people do weird stuff sometimes just to see if they can get into a livejournal? :)

The scene: Red traffic light so I stopped at the intersection. 3 teens (two boys in front, one girl sitting at the back) pull up alongside in another car. Rear window goes down.
Girl: Hi! *waves*
I wave back.
Girl: Sexy... sexy... sexah body... *wriggles flirtaciously* (okay, I worded that poorly)
Traffic light turns green. They start driving off.
Girl: I miss you already! *waves*
My guess is that it was a dare of some sort.

Went to West Milford this evening to get two geocaches up on the Assiniwikam Mountain. There is a new pink trail there that goes up the mountain to the viewpoint and then loops back down again. The trailhead is at Boy Scout Lake. I thought I was in a beer commercial because as soon as I parked there, two young bikini-clad ladies came up from the lake. And another buxom young lady rode by on an ATV. But who has time for that when there's geocaching. :)

Made several mistakes on this trip. Firstly, I went the wrong way and came around the other side of the lake instead. Then I started on the second pink trailhead instead of the first one so when I got to within 250 feet of the Assiniwikam Mountain Cache, I thought access was by bushwhacking through the mountain laurel when in fact the trail would have brought me a lot closer if I had gone in on the first pink trailhead. And it was a tough bushwhack too, but thankfully not very long. Aside from that, the cache was easy and I then continued on the pink trail to The View, the second geocache. And after that, I continued on the pink trail and that eventually came very close to the Assiniwikam Mountain Cache, and when I realized that, a loud "D'oh!" could be heard emanating from the West Milford woodlands.

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