Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Northern and Western NJ

Didn't feel like driving out so far today but the last cache ended up over 60 miles from home. Go figure. Anyway, I thought it was going to rain so I didn't think I'd do most of the stack of printouts I brought but the weather turned out fine after the morning and I got in 9 caches. Could have squeezed in maybe one more at the end but I figured why push it? Northern NJ has a lot of hilly and rocky areas so some of the caches, especially those in the Mahlon Dickerson Reservation, aren't quick dashes. Anyway, those were a nice cap to the 3-day weekend.

I didn't seem to hit much traffic even though this is supposed to be a major travel day for those returning home from Independence Day weekend trips. There were lots of speed traps along I-287, which was surprising as, north of I-80, that's hardly a road known for speed traps.

Cinnamon Girl (New Jersey)
Hilltop Reservation in Caldwell.

Just a walk in the park... (New Jersey)
Neighborhood park in Parsippany.

Sussex/Morris Betelguese Culdesac (New Jersey)
Sparta. This is a bizarre spot that looks like part of the highway intersection that was never put into use. Creepy and a bit overgrown but interesting.

Sussex Alberio (New Jersey)
Byram. An undeveloped area just outside of a housing subdivision.

Uncle Toms Treerock Cache (New Jersey)
Mahlon Dickerson Reservation in Jefferson Township. Rather rough trail for a family-friendly cache.

Driving Boulders in the Woods (New Jersey)
Mahlon Dickerson Reservation in Jefferson Township.

Roosters Potato Head Cache (New Jersey)
Mahlon Dickerson Reservation in Jefferson Township. Surprisingly challenging terrain for a kid-friendly cache. They must have superkids around here. :)

The Lake Musconetcong Fisherman (New Jersey)
Stanhope. Easy park and grab next to the lake.

Blairstown Airport Cache (New Jersey)
Paulinskill Valley Trail in Blairstown. Recommended parking is at the airport and the trail goes right next to the runway field. This is something that would never be allowed at any major international airport but in a sleepy smalltown airport, it is apparently okay.


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