Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Take the hits but don't hit the deer

Went out to find the Down By The River geocache this evening. Probably ill-advised as I don't have much time to spare but it turned out to be easy and quick to do. The only tricky part was possibly the steep climb down from the bike path to the river, as the title implies. It's in the Bear Mountain State Park on a bike path with a view of Iona Island.

Here's the troubling thing about this cache: In the cache description, the cache owner felt the need to ask everyone not to be nasty if there is a need to write a negative comment. So I'm wondering if this has been a problem. Yes, there are some nasty logs on my caches too but those are few and far between and compared to all the other favorable comments, those are hardly anything to worry about. Still, there is a lesson here. If you're putting your stuff out on the web, be it art or writing or journal or even geocaching information, you're going to take some hits. Just have to roll with it and keep going. And besides, you could always delete a nasty comment.

Had quite a surprise on my way home. It was dusk and I saw something brown in the middle of the road. Slammed on the brakes and managed to stop maybe about 10 feet from the deer. Actually, there were two of them there: One adult deer and a fawn. (at the stage where it has spots on its back) The deer froze for a second or two but came to its senses and strode off into someone's yard followed closely by the fawn.

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