Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Anthrocon Day 1

Got up a bit early because I forgot to draw the curtains the previous night. So I went out to get the Out of Reach geocache, which is only a few miles from the hotel. Didn't see the cache. Then JBadger arrived on the scene, having chosen the exact same cache to tackle this morning. So we searched around a bit more and then he spotted the cache. Yay!

After breakfast, I came back to the hotel and attended the opening ceremonies. It was a brief event and as the theme is "Summer Games", they had a fursuiter come in carrying a torch to light the flame on stage. Then it was time to check my stuff into the Art Show. This year, it is on the lobby level instead of lower lobby. Hung out in The Zoo for a while to use the wireless network and then I went to the Charity Auction area to hand off the rugs and pillows to rigelkitty and zenwolph, who were manning the area, and then to the Dealer's Den to do a bit of shopping. Bought some comics and magnets. Also a book that a dealer was selling for a dollar. (Could always make it a bookcrossing book if I don't like it. :) )

After lunch, I came back, wandered around and found myself in the Iron Author panel. I was surprised to receive a sheet of plot ingredients and their respective point values. Looks like the attendees are the ones competing. Wish I had time to write this although I did bang out part of a possible story on my laptop while watching the Funday Pawpet Show, which was the next event.

Dinner was a little late so there were only the dances after that. Once again, got out the coyote suit, put it on and joined in. Met bennetfox, pandaguy and tjcoyote there. Also ran into titanwolf, quentincoyote, film2edit, isfacat, joeygatorman and jess_k earlier in the day. And bigbluefox and rcoony are here now.

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