Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Anthrocon Afterthoughts

Seeing as how there's nothing really private in those entries, I've made the day-by-day con report public and added those to memories here.

I felt that Anthrocon 2004 was better than 2003 and 2002, despite the crowds, because the elevator problem has been alleviated somewhat. With the new layout where the Internet Room is on the lobby level, there wasn't much of a need to go upstairs so the elevator line wasn't very long most of the time. In fact, even with 2 elevators out of order on Saturday, it wasn't that bad. The downside is there wasn't a Con Suite this year so there wasn't a place to get a quick snack or drink. (Of course the hotel had a snack table but $5 for a burger? Yeesh.)

Programming was very light. Could have used a few more panels to fill in the empty stretches of time but in a way, that's okay too because that's when I drove out to eat and/or used the wireless network.

Great to meet everyone. Heh, I think a significant fraction of my livejournal friends list was there in person so it was good to put faces to all those names.

The fursuiting was fun. Had a ball going to the dances and walking around in the coyote suit having photos taken and giving out hugs. However, as I was preparing the suit for the laundry this evening, I realized I hadn't named the character. I figured he could be named after a local town since we have a lot of Native American names around here. So I started the research to see what those names mean. Anyway... Wenonah and Mahwah aren't suitable, but Katonah is a possibility.
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