Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox


Lovely weather. Sunny, not too hot, and with a nice breeze. Went out to the Kennedy-Dell Park in New City for the Treasure Island geocache. It's a bit of a nostalgic trip because that park was where I found my first geocache over 3 years ago. Surprisingly, for such a long time ago, I retained enough memory of the area to find the parking area and choose the correct trails with no problems at all. Anyway, it isn't on an island so I don't know what the cache name refers to, unless it's a subtle reference to either the book or the craft store. Regardless of that, this location has a nice stream and is rather peaceful and secluded, far away from the soccer fields.

Yesterday, I forgot to bring the Vistaprint cards I made. Today, I remembered so I left one of those in the cache. Yeah, it's one of the canned designs from the site but I didn't expect a whole lot of customization on the free promo cards.

I'm planning to go to The 2004 Long Island Summer Cache Event on Sunday. Anyone else?

Also, it appears that I caught the cold that's been going around Anthrocon. So maybe I shouldn't go to the event because I'll then be sharing it with... 40 to 60 people? Such a quandary.
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