Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

This Parking Space is going to get a Reputation

Only did one cache this evening but it's a whopper. Bergen County Parks is a four-stage multi-cache with each stage in a different park. It's meant to be done on a bike because there's a bike path linking all those parks but I was able to do it by driving and then walking to each stage.

I think the first three stops were in the Saddle River County Park. Maybe the fourth too. It's a long park that broadens out in some sections. From start to finish, the multicache is over 4 miles. Anyway, I started in Rochelle Park for the first stage. Then moved on to Fair Lawn, where the second stage is near a model airplane field. The third stage is in Glen Rock, further up the road. This stage took the most walking because the parking lot is half a mile from it. Then I drove around to Grove Street Park in Ridgewood to get to the final cache. The whole thing took about two hours, with a bunch of driving and an estimated 2 miles of walking in total.

After that, it turned out that Office Depot was just down the road so I went there to get some badge holders and clips. Really only need one or two but I'll save the rest.

Got home and found a condom wrapper lying on my parking space. Ugh. Defiling my parking space is quite enough but geez, do these people have to litter too? Well, at least it's not as bad as finding a used condom. Also, that may explain what the hurried shirt-putting-on weirdo was doing just before I caught him there. I guess to some, it is exciting to mix trespassing and sex, but for goodness sake pick somewhere abandoned, not my place!

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