Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Dinner's on the HTI

It's monsoon-time again. There was very heavy rain this afternoon and that continued into the evening. I heard that parts of New Jersey were (and maybe still are) flooded. I live on a hill (or a ridge, rather, since it is long) so there's generally no problem with flooding here. Even so, there was an inch or two of water on the sidewalk because it couldn't drain away fast enough!

I'll be going to the Harriman Pirates & Picnic Event tomorrow. Given the weather lately, I hope it isn't a complete washout.

Dinner was on the Home Testing Institute tonight. I answer research surveys now and then. Sometimes they send checks for a dollar or two, or small amounts of cash, in return. No biggie. Well, this one survey was about evaluating a frozen dinner and it had a check for $4. I figured since I was going to cash the check, it would be ethical to play along. And the supermarket has weekly specials on frozen dinners nearly all the time so it was pretty likely that I could get one for under $4. I picked a Stouffer's Chicken Monterey.

Photos, just for the heck of it:

The box, before opening.

Frozen goodness, unboxed.

And now it is cooking in the microwave.

The microwave timer.

Ready to eat.

Anyway, I filled out the first part of the survey while it was cooking and the rest of it after dinner. As for the dinner itself, it's not bad, although like most frozen dinners, one shouldn't expect too much by way of quantity or taste.

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