Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Long Island again

Had a bit of a late start because I was still recovering (Ha!) from the picnic. Still, I was able to visit 13 caches and was first to find on two of them: Averill Park and JAWS III. The latter is supposed to be a very difficult cache to find so I wasn't surprised to be the first even though it has been out there a while. Experience certainly helped there.

Once again, the weather was great. It started out very cloudy and threatening to rain. Then the sun came out and the temperature was mild, just as it was on Saturday.

Enziarro's 2nd - Averill Park (New York)
Averill Park, a small park in Elmont.

M&M-19 Jones Beach (New York)
The famous Jones Beach State Park on Long Island. Funny that this is the first time I've ever been there.

M&M-21 bUrGHbLydEn West (New York)
Blydenburgh County Park in Smithtown.

JMB-62 New Mill Pond AKA Stump Pond (New York)
Blydenburgh County Park in Smithtown.

JMB-59 Miller Pond Multi (New York)
Miller Pond in Smithtown.

BB2-01 Old Trash Cache (New York)
Foster Avenue Marina in Sayville.

Mount Pleasant (New York)
Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Center Moriches.

WRR-15 Mill Rd. Paumanok Trail (New York)
Robert Cushman Murphy County Park in Manorville.

Riverhead River Walk (New York)
Riverhead Riverfront in Riverhead. Beautiful dock area decorated wooden carvings.

JWK626 - Peaceful Southold (New York)
Southold. A dock area.

K-Mart Cache (New York)
Southold. Another dock area. Southold residents seem to have lots of boats.

Memorial Views (New York)
Community Park in Southold.

JAWS III Mini-Micro (a "Stealth Series" Cache) (New York)
Railroad museum in Greenport. This is supposedly a very tough cache to find but I simply had to be methodical as I had a good idea as to what kind of hiding technique the cache hider used.


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