Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
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SEPAG "Storms the Castle" Picnic

As planned, I went to this event today. It was very cloudy in the morning but there wasn't a single drop of rain all day and it was sunny in the afternoon. Got to meet many geocachers from Pennsylvania and South Jersey, some of whom I haven't seen since the last PA event.

Some minor misadventures: First, the bee attack. Had to leave the woods quickly. Hope no one is allergic.

Second... when a bunch of us went for the caches placed for the event, I brought along a trash bag so we were picking up bottles, cans and garbage as we went along. No problems finding the first two caches but the third proved to be a stumper. While searching for the third cache, I picked up a discarded soda can and put it in the trash bag. Then the bees attacked so we went back to the picnic area. Anyway, a bunch of us were talking and the cache hider mentioned that the last cache had gone missing. After a few more questions, guess what the cache was... the soda can!! Well, the new coordinates for that are at the trash can in the parking lot. *forehead smack*

On the plus side, we came across a cache that had supposedly gone missing for 6 months. It wasn't in its original location and we didn't know which one it was until we checked the log book so it was quite a surprise.

The Conduit a la woods (New Jersey)
Echo Lake Park in Union County. Coordinates seemed to be somewhat off but the cache was still findable because of the hint in the title.

Campers Cache (New Jersey)
Bulls Island State Park near Stockton.

Mom's Cookbook (Pennsylvania)
Doylestown township park. It may seem unbelievable but I followed this heron as it flew down the trail and into the woods, and it led me almost right up to the cache! I guess it knows the way better than I do.

SEPAG "Storms the Castle" Picnic (Pennsylvania)
The event itself.

Left the picnic for a little while to get the following 4 caches in and near Doylestown:

O.O.A.L. (Pennsylvania)
Tree Cover? (Pennsylvania)
On the way to the PO (Pennsylvania)
Don't Bypass Doylestown (Pennsylvania)

WILL YOU MARRY ME????? (Pennsylvania)
This is the cache that we happened to come across while walking through the woods looking for the event caches. I don't think it is viewable unless you have an account as it is currently in archived state.


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