Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Jersey Shore

Started off with very heavy rain in the morning but cleared up by the afternoon. Either that or I went far enough to the South to be out of the rain. It turned out to be a fine day by the late afternoon even if it was a bit humid, and so ending the day at a beach was perfect.

Part of this trip was through Atlantic City so once again, I drove through without gambling. As I left city limits on US-40, I saw that the police were handing out traffic surveys so I got one. It's basically a bunch of questions about where I'm going, which highways I used, and what activities I did while in Atlantic City. (None of the choices pertain to geocaching though. :) ) Until today, I didn't know they actually did traffic surveys this way. I assumed all along that it was just someone observing the traffic with a counter in hand.

Close to Shore (New Jersey)
Matawan. This was the location of a shark attack in the early 20th century.

Pop Warner Football Complex in Manchester Township.

Lake Horicon Park in Lakehurst.


70's BREAK (New Jersey)
McKelvey Park in Lakehurst.

Oh Crappy Days - Leave your Log (New Jersey)
LebanonBrendan T Byrne State Park.

Pasadena Cache (New Jersey)
I think this is the Greenwood WMA, but I'm not sure. Located near the ruins of the Pasadena clayworks.

You know Eno? (New Jersey)
Eno Pond Park in Lacey.

A.C. Tunnel Cache (New Jersey)
Atlantic City.

The Gold Coast Cache (New Jersey)
Salt marsh in Linwood.

Justa Walkin' The Dog-Doggie Beach Cache (New Jersey)
A doggie beach off Ocean Drive between Longport and Ocean City.


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