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Trashed PC, morning geocaches, LSC Meet

The primary hard disk on this PC is pretty much a goner. I can boot it up but every few minutes or so, it gets into a read-retry. Not much I can do as the system drive is on the failing hard disk. However, I remembered that I'd set it up as a multi-boot system a long time ago. The other two OS installations are on the secondary hard disk that still works fine. So for now, I'm writing this LJ entry under NT4.0 Server SP6a. Some software is missing or needs upgrading but at least, this session is not subject to random disk delays. I don't expect the scanner and graphics tablet to work in this environment and I believe the HP Laserjet printer is supported but not the Lexmark so I hope this is only a temporary situation.

Went out for a few geocaches in the morning prior to the meet. That, in itself, was quite an adventure as westbound Route 80 was closed because of a truck accident. So I went for the last cache first as it was near Route 46, the alternate route I used to bypass the traffic jam. That cache was a virtual next to the Little Falls section of the Morris Canal. Then I continued down Route 46 and back onto Route 80 and 287 to get to the Frelinghuysen Arboretum for the next cache. It took some searching because the GPS wasn't at optimum reliability on a cloudy and rainy day. However, I did find that. Then I used the arboretum itself to log the Arboretum locationless cache.

Drove to the Liberty Science Center after that for the meet. Other than myself, only jbadger and Smrgol showed up. I didn't see them at first though but they were probably in the gift shop at the time. Bought an IMAX and Exhibits combo pass and used a coupon from the website. Then we went to see the Australia IMAX film. Lots of big-screen kangaroo footage so it was good. :) They really need to space out the rows of seats a bit though or shorten my legs. (Well, NOT the latter but you get my point.) Then we went through the exhibits floor by floor. Funniest part was when the sonar height measuring machine said "You appear to be 1/4 inch tall." when no one was standing there. There was also a hip implant on exhibit in the health section that I recognized because I'd seen it before in a geocache.

After that, we went to Arthur's Tavern in Hoboken for linner. (or dunch) Egads! The 24oz steak was a huge chunk of meat. Put it all away but I don't think I'll be eating anything else today.


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