Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Another new toy...

Went out this evening for the JMB-65 You Asked For It geocache in the Garrett Mountain Reservation in West Paterson, but didn't find it. From the logs, it looks like I wasn't the only one who tried and failed. But it was good to get outside anyway.

Tomorrow: Baby Back Ribs Night. I want my baby back, baby back... etc.

Got myself a Wacom Graphire3 6x8. It's an upgrade for my long-suffering Wacom ArtPad II, which is over 6 years old. The Graphire3 seems to be less chunky in movement but maybe that's because of the larger drawing area and minor design improvements over the years. It also has a weird mouse with a felt bottom, which I guess is essentially the stylus but in a different form. I think my optical mouse is a still a bit more responsive though. (But with two mice next to the keyboard, it looks like I have a mouse infestation. :) ) Finally, and probably the main reason for upgrading, it is USB so, unlike the ArtPad II, I won't have to keep unplugging the GPS interface cable to plug it in. And yeah, it'll also work with the laptop. (as soon as I get the driver installed there too)

Two mice!

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