Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

In the jungle, the mighty jungle, etc

I dozed off listening to coast_to_coast and had an unusual dream. I was in some kind of conference room. (partition board walls) Some other people were there too listening to someone speaking in front of the room. There was a cardboard box on my lap and I was taking a look at the contents. Picked up what appeared to be a bunch of keys, except that they were large and chunky and transparent, like plastic or lucite.

I took one of the chunky keys out of the box and held it out to take a look at it. The key started glowing brightly (in all that, no one else seemed to notice what was happening) and then it melted. It didn't drip but dissolved into my hand. And then the room faded away and I was sitting outside in an area with lots of tall grass. I saw two bears not far away. One of the bears stood up on its hind legs and started dancing. And then I woke up.

And the topic on coast_to_coast was neural chip implants. Hmm.

Anyway, it appeared that the 30 minutes of sleep I had was enough as I was fully awake after that. So I went out at the crack of dawn to West Milford to visit the Jungle Habitat- the Maze geocache. Jungle Habitat is an unusual place. It was the precursor to Six Flags Wild Safari, a kind of park where you can drive through and see wild animals. Well, I didn't see any wild animals today other than deer, but the road that winds through the park is still there, and so are a parking lot and part of the entrance sign. (The white blobs are state park signs.)

And then in the evening, I went for JMB-65 You Asked For It in the Garrett Mountain Reservation in West Paterson and succeeded this time. Given the name of the cache, I kept expecting Rich Little to pop up and say the line. Fortunately, the only performer present was Elvis singing a concert in the park. (Gee, this just gets more and more bizarre!)

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