Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Jersey Shore (a small part of it anyway)

Went to Cranford and then down the turnpike to Cranbury, and then Point Pleasant, and finished at Sea Bright, making a bit of a loop. The rain held off most of the day, until about 3pm when it started coming down heavily at Point Pleasant Beach. So I did the last few geocaches with an umbrella.

Three of the caches in Point Pleasant Beach are going to drive everyone crazy. Imagine, if you will, a pen cap. Put a slip of paper in it and clip it on a pine tree among hundreds of branches. Do that at three locations. A brutally difficult search, I tell you. However, I was persistent and found them all. And I see that a few others had tried and given up during the week so it was no surprise that I was the first finder on the three.

music all around us. (New Jersey)
Cranford. Easy two-step.

Cranbury Cache #2: Lake View (New Jersey)
Cranbury. Sidewalk quickie. Good view of the lake.

Cranbury Cache #1: A Walk In The Woods (New Jersey)
Cranbury. Nice trail but I only saw the end of it because I followed dirt roads almost all the way.

Welcome to Point Pleasant Beach (New Jersey)
Point Pleasant Beach. Difficult search, as I mentioned above.

Gull Island View (New Jersey)
Point Pleasant Beach.

Lost But Not Forgotten (New Jersey)
Point Pleasant Beach.

American Male (New Jersey)
Point Pleasant Beach.

Lake of the Lillies (New Jersey)
Point Pleasant Beach. The second of the brutally difficult searches.

The Circle (New Jersey)
Point Pleasant Beach. The last of the brutally difficult searches. Some mildly-amusing stuff happened here while I was searching so I'll refer you to my log entry.

Chilling at the Shore (New Jersey)
Sea Bright. At the seawall.

Once I was done with the 10 caches, I called shy_matsi to see if his beach event was still happening. It turned out that they left the beach when it started raining and were on their way to the Menlo Park Mall. So, I went there to meet up with shy_matsi, fangwolf and maximous. We did the mall walk, and then had dinner (I had the pecan-crusted catfish) at the Cheesecake Factory, followed by ice cream (mint with walnuts mixed in) at the Cold Stone Creamery. It was my first time at Cold Stone and the ice cream is indeed very rich and thick. Dinner was good too. Both were rather pricey but worth it for a special occasion.

Shy and Fangwolf coming up the escalator. Maximous behind. (in reflection)

Coin-eating croc. (Rainforest Cafe)

Tracy Tree. (Rainforest Cafe) The tree has spoken. :)


Who cut the cheesecake? (and without gloves too)

Artsy-fartsy shot of the cheesecake counter.

Shy's double dessert. (Cheesecake and Cold Stone ice cream)


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