Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Car Talk

Oil change this evening. Odometer is at 186,236 miles. Nothing else needed to be fixed or replaced.

I think I'm changing my mind on buying a new car next year. (I can hear dozens of auto dealers groaning now. :) ) There is nothing seriously wrong with this car. It still runs. It is still relatively fuel-efficient. At around 220,000 miles, the timing chain will need to be replaced again, and the tires, brakes and clutch will be due a bit before then. None of those cost remotely as much as a new vehicle.

The one real problem is my car may fail the emissions test next year. It was already close to the limit on the NOx reading on the last test in 2003 so the next time, it may exceed the limit. But is that really as big a problem as I thought? Emissions can be tweaked to some extent and I haven't even begun the tweaking. Also, the law is a little unusual on this. As I recall, if you spend more than a certain amount of money trying to get the car under the limit and still fail, they give you a free pass until the next time.

Now if only I can get the window knob to stay on.

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