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Paquettahhnuake II: No Quarter
Can't spell it so I cut and pasted. This cache is at Woodland Lake in Pequannock Township. A lovely location with a squarish lake and ducks. Way too hot to go there in the afternoon though.

I received a letter about the liquidation of the Oakmark Small Cap Fund. (Morningstar report) Apparently, they're doing that because their objective is to deliver superior investment performance to shareholders in all of the Oakmark Funds and they failed to do so in the Small Cap Fund. That's refreshingly candid for a mutual fund company, considering the number of mutual funds out there that have been lousy for years, and even decades, without so much as a peep from the fund advisors. I would note, however, that the fund did beat the S&P 500 over the past 5 years even if it failed to keep pace with the Russell 2000, which was their benchmark.

Anyway, as a bit of a concession, they're temporarily allowing shareholders to exchange into one of their closed funds so I'll take advantage of that and move the money into their International Small Cap Fund. Of course, the Strong Brokerage online system won't allow me to do that because it is a special transaction so I'll have to work with a specialist tomorrow. Such a bother. Heh.

You are...SNOWIE!!! (The Alpha)

One of the only few females in #deaddog! Even this
may be so, you still have bigger balls then
most of the males in the channel! Get your whip
ready because the Lioness has taken over the
Pride ;)

What #deaddog! Fur are you mostly like?!?! *Scariness ensues*
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